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Lifestyle GP, Medical Director, 

Dr. Olivia has been a medical doctor for 15 years with experiences in general practice (clinical and academic), oncology and paediatrics. Clients seen over the years have taught her how amazing the human body truly is in healing itself when provided the right environment. This is not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, polycystic ovaries, fatty liver, gout, chronic inflammation, anxiety, and depression. She is the captain and inspiration for this clinic and is very much looking forward to helping everyone who is wanting to make a difference in their personal health and lives. 

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Sara is here to support your specific health needs by providing tailored nutrition advice. She completed her Master's Degree from Otago University in 2014 and has been working in Canterbury since then, spending her spare time exploring the port hills. Sara's areas of specialty include hormone health (including fertility concerns, PCOS, peri-menopause and diabetes) and disordered eating recovery but she also has experience in family nutrition support from her time as a Pediatric Dietitian at Christchurch Hospital.

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MTA Pharmacist

Michelle has over 20 years of experience in community and hospital pharmacy. She has extensive experience in  working with patients with complex health and medication needs. Michelle is also an accredited MTA (Medication Therapy Assessent ) pharmacist whereby she collaborate with the RHM team and your GP to optimise medication in line with your health goals.

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Health Coaches



Health Coach

Bhoomika holds a Bachelor Of Physiotherapy and is currently pursuing her Post graduate Diploma in Sports Science at the University Of Canterbury. She enjoys working with clients of all ages and has special interests in injuries, chronic pain, and respiratory conditions. She is passionate about enabling clients to make the most out of their life by helping them reduce pain and manage stress.


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Health Coach

Julz is here to make sure that your goals are nurtured with a steady stream of help, encouragement and guidance. Her background composes of 9 years as a personal trainer specifically in Olympic lifting, mobility, goal setting, life coaching and postural alignment for optimal movement. She was also a an active member of St John and has completed a Diploma in E.M.T. Julz is eager to help make a better you with the team at Real Healthy Me.

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Health Coach

Bank is a nutritionist and personal trainer. He enjoys helping people improve their health, physical strength and functioning. He does so through individualised diet and exercise strategies, taking into account your personal goals and circumstances. His areas of interest are meal preparation, meal planning,  body composition, strength training and sports performance. Nothing is too difficult for Bank, and he looks forward to helping you regain health from pantry to the gym!

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Health Coach

Melissa loves working with people and supporting them in re-discovering how their bodies can come back to movement and wellness that is meaningful in their daily lives. She is a certified PreKure Health Coach and heartily agrees with the philosophy that “Prevention is the Cure”. Like the rest of the RHM team, she believes that ‘food is medicine’ and ‘Lifestyle is medicine’. Let her walk beside you in your health journey and may you benefit from her expertise as an experienced personal trainer specialising in chronic health conditions, rehabilitation, Tai-Chi, and movement.

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