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Our vision is to flatten the chronic health conditions curve in New Zealand (and beyond!) by promoting health and healthy activities.

These are our current ongoing involvements.

Real Healthy Me is established as a limited liability company with profit for the purpose above. As a result, we give back regularly and as able to your communities either for free or our usual rate for a group of people. We wish to continue to offer affordable highly specialised and individualised healthcare in the private sector. We exist to supplement the public sector, and not to compete with it.

Reverse T2 Diabetes Christchurch

This was how Real Healthy Me started!

This community group started humbly back in 2019 in New World Halswell. This is now a Facebook Group and we welcome all new members to join and support each other in staying on track! 

On the platform are free resources generated by members for members available to get started on staying low/smart carbohydrates, how to stay on track, how to LCHF, fasting/time restricted eating basics (why rather than how), etc. 

This is free for anyone to join on Facebook. Click here to join.

AUT Human Potential Centre Research - Te Ngako Oranga (Reversing Type 2 Diabetes)

Dr. Olivia is privilege to be involved with this Health Research Council funded project that looks at Reversing T2D in primary care with whole food, low carb, and culturally relevant, multidisciplinary and innovative delivery methods in New Zealand. She will be working along side and with Dr. Caryn Zinn, Prof. Grant Schofield, Dr. Glen Davies, Dr. Marcus Hawkins, and other like-minded clinicians as part of this research project at the Auckland University of Technology's Human Potential Centre.​

Read more about the funding and project here.

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