How we work


We work together with you and your primary healthcare provider (GP or specialists). We can provide a 3 monthly report on your progress and maintain communication with them during your programme.  


You may start your journey to health with anyone in RHM depending on your needs - a lifestyle GP, a dietitian or a health coach. You can book online without a referral.


You may remain as a casual client or subscribe to a health programme of various tiers depending on your health goal(s). Various plans include appointments with the lifestyle GP, dietitian and health coaches, unlimited enrolment to in-house focus groups and free access to the private Real Healthy Me Facebook membership page with daily updates from the team. 


Keep in mind it does take 6 to 18 months for you to reach your health goal(s). You may consult with us on a casual basis, or subscribe to a health programme to help you on your journey.


On achieving your health goal(s), you may join the Real Healthy Me family by becoming a health ambassador* to spur others on their health journey! 

*This is a remunerated role


Consulting and Coaching Services

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Team Talk

Health and Wellbeing Consultation

A comprehensive medical, diet and lifestyle assessment to provide you with an assessment of your current health status and to identify your health goals.
Following the assessment, you will be provided with the outcome of your assessment and recommendations to help you reach your health goals.

You can decide if you'd like your first assessment with the doctor, the dietitian or the health coach.

Health Programmes

Our programmes exist to guide you through the hardest part of initiating change with the aim to reach your health goals. 
We have three programmes on offer:

Simply Healthy

A taster programme for 3 months. Suitable for people not on medications


Optimise Me

A 6-month programme for someone with a new-onset health condition still amendable through diet and lifestyle changes


Revitalise Me

A 6-month programme for someone on medications for chronic health conditions but wishes to be in remission or reduce medication use.

Private Health Workshops

Connection and accountability are ways to improve health, not only for yourself but also for people you care about.
Gather your family, friends and colleagues to discuss food, lifestyle, sleep, and even health conditions to better improve them together.

We can run workshop series in your home or workplace for you, your family or your colleagues to re-gain health together!

Each workshop runs for 2 hours and is priced at $1500 for up to 25 people.


Self-Directed Services

Real Healthy VIP!

A virtual Health Package!

  • Access to our Secret Support Facebook page 

  • Free weekly focus group sessions

  • Participate in Live Stream events on Facebook or Zoom

  • Get behind the scenes with the RHM team

  • View exclusive contents and interviews

  • Early access to Health Workshops tickets (monthly)

  • Unlimited access to online health courses by RHM

Focus Group Sessions

Focus groups are a space to ask questions and develop solutions for a specific topic using each other or any RHM staff as a resource. 

Themes this quarter:
April - Our immune system

May - Physical, mental and emotional resilience

June - Diabetes

*Only available for subscribers

Online Courses

Short online modules to help you better understand the science behind:

Our Immune System


Low Carb Healthy Fats 


Sports and fitness

Science of sleep

A growth mindset

and more!

$50 a module or Free for subscribers


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