What to expect and

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Casual Consultations

We offer casual consultations for everyone on the Real Healthy Me team as well as with our listed associates.

We are available for face-to-face consultations in the clinic,

or by telephone or Zoom if it is more convenient for you.

We have varied skills and abilities on the team.

Do not hesitate to call to find out more!

Health Programmes

Getting Ready to Run
Girl Running in a Field

Simply Healthy Me

This is a 3-month programme for someone who would just like to fine-tune their already excellent diet and lifestyle.

This suits people who have a good grasp of what a good diet and lifestyle is, and may also already be on medication

(e.g. insulin for Type 1 Diabetes),

but would like to achieve more with what their bodies can do!

Activate Me

This is a 6-month health programme for someone who just wants to be better!

Whether you are aiming to be promoted for that higher-level position, starting a new project, competing in your first athletic event, or even to beat your previous best!

Optimise Me

This is a 6-month programme for someone who is at important life milestones:

  • starting a new job or a new family

  • the body is transitioning (puberty or menopause)

  • been recommended by your doctor to start on medications (blood pressure, blood sugar, etc)

  • due to start intensive medical or surgical intervention (surgery, fertility or even cancer treatment)

Revitalise Me

This is a 6-month programme for someone who wants to feel revitalised!

This programme suits people already on medications for chronic health conditions but is still feeling unwell.

On this programme, and as your health improves, you can regain health, be in remission and reduce medication use for the same ailments the medications are meant to treat!

Keep in mind it does take 6 to 18 months for you to reach your health goal(s).

You may consult with us on a casual basis, or subscribe to a health programme to help you on your journey.

Virtual Programmes

Support Group Meeting

Real Healthy VIP!

A virtual Health Package!

  • Access to our exclusive Support Facebook page 

  • Free weekly focus group sessions

  • Participate in Live Stream events on Facebook or Zoom

  • Get behind the scenes with the RHM team

  • View exclusive contents and interviews

  • Early access to Health Workshops tickets

  • Unlimited access to online health courses by RHM

For only NZD5/week

*charged monthly and cancel anytime

Focus Groups

These are live on Thursdays at 6 pm for our 

Real Healthy VIP'ers and on Zoom,

and are available for delayed viewing.

Focus groups are a space to ask questions and develop solutions for a specific topic using each other or any RHM team as a resource.

Themes this quarter:
July - Fads!

August - Gut Health

September - Mental Health

*Only available for subscribers

Online Courses

Short online modules to help you better understand the science behind:

Our Immune System


Low Carb Healthy Fats 


Sports and fitness

Science of sleep

A growth mindset

and more!

$50 a module or Free for subscribers

Get in touch!

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