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People at Real Healthy Me

Main services are delivered by Dr. Olivia and Coach Bank.

If need, we do rely on our affiliate providers who can contribute to your health improvement as required at additional costs unless it is part of a health improvement programme


Dr. Olivia Currie

Family and Lifestyle Medicine Doctor

Dr. Olivia is a medical doctor of 18 years, dual qualified in both family and lifestyle medicine, with experiences in family medicine (clinical and academic), lifestyle medicine, oncology, adult medicine and paediatrics. Clients seen over the years have taught her how amazing the human body truly is in healing itself when provided the right environment. This is not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, polycystic ovaries, fatty liver, gout, chronic inflammation, anxiety, and depression. She looks forward to helping everyone who is wanting to make a difference in their personal health and lives.


Medical Doctor
“Great session. Dr. Olivia gave me some meaningful advice. I felt very safe and able to be vulnerable and honest with her."


Bank Pungbrakearti

Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Coach Bank is a nutritionist and personal trainer. He enjoys helping people improve their health, physical strength and functioning. He does so through individualised diet and exercise strategies, taking into account your personal goals and circumstances. His areas of interest are meal preparation, meal planning,  body composition, strength training and sports performance. Nothing is too difficult for Bank, and he looks forward to helping you regain health from pantry to the gym!

BAppSc Human Nutrition, REPsNZ

Health Coaches
Bank always helpful. The more I deal with him I realize how knowledgeable he is.


Our Affiliate providers

Affiliate providers

Our affiliate providers consists of:

  • dietitians who can support you through more specialised nutritional plan

  • clinical exercise physiologists who can provide more functional physical rehabilitation programme

  • medications review or functional pharmacists who can review medication, adaptogen, and supplement use.

  • mental health nurse who can support  you in navigating life with mental health conditions.

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