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Dear all,

What a pandemic! I am so very proud of the initiatives taken by our New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. She is proving to be a very good and strong leader! For our friends reading from overseas, please know you're also in our hearts and minds.


Do take initiatives to protect yourselves and your loved ones with the following simple measures:

  • Stay home

  • Go out only when absolutely necessary

  • Wash your hands with soap and water, hand-sanitize otherwise

  • Eat real food and plenty of vegetables

  • Fast otherwise

  • Start your day hydrated, and stay hydrated

  • Get in good quality sleep

These steps will help prevent not just COVID-19, but all viruses! Then in case of contact, a good strong physical state would have helped boost your immune system to combat any viruses at all! We observe this already, and it is why some people with COVID-19 only have mild symptoms, whilst others require hospitalization. This is not to accuse people requiring hospitalisation of poor self-care but reinforces the importance of a good strong immune system that is necessary to combat a highly virulent virus.

For me, it is also a very interesting time, and perhaps very timely, to be opening a lifestyle medicine clinic offering intensive diet and lifestyle changes to improve health. This has forced us to provide our services online earlier than anticipated, but thanks to modern technology, this is very achievable! We are glad we can continue to help you improve your health not just during this pandemic but also for the rest of your life!

Please be reassured our online systems are all up to code when it comes to health information, confidentiality, and data protection (see our privacy policy). 

Despite being a start-up and professional service, as founder, I wish to offer you the following discount codes to use with your bookings during these times: 


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Wishing you good health always,

Dr. Olivia

Founder of Real Healthy Me