Health Programmes and Pricing

Our carefully designed health programmes ensure you have everything you need to improve your health successfully and sustainably.


We want everyone to be able to have access to evidence-based information for their health.

As a result, we have programmes tiered for all budget.

One-on-one consultations are priced between NZD60 to NZD150, depending on whom you see.

For more intensive management, our health programmes range between NZD5 to NZD55 a week. 

Also, your fees can be subsidised by the following funding bodies should it apply to you:


Disability Allowance*

Southern Cross insurance*

nib insurance*

AA Health*


*please call us for details

We also run a health gifting programme. See below for more information.


Casual Consults

Health Coach $60 (45min)
Doctor $150 (30 min)
Dietitian $150 (45min)
Affiliate Consultants $150 (45min)

Gifting Programme

Real Healthy Me also have a health gifting programme.

These are 2 ways you can gift health to people you care about.

Option 1:
You may purchase a Health Voucher as a gift for your friends or loved ones. 

These are valued at $100 per voucher and have 365 days before it expires.



Option 2:

When making an appointment, you will have the ability to gift monetary value in addition to your purchases to sponsor another person's health journey.

The eligibility for this will be decided by the directors of Real Healthy Me:





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